Odds Converter

Odds Converter Calculator

What is the purpose of this odds converter?

The odds conversion calculator above converts between american odds, decimal odds, fractional odds, and implied probability. It serves several key purposes:

  1. Understanding and Comparability: Different regions and betting platforms use different formats to present odds. An odds conversion calculator allows users to convert odds into their preferred format, making it easier to understand and compare odds across various platforms and regions.
  2. Betting Strategy Optimization: By converting odds into the implied probability, bettors can assess the likelihood of an event occurring from the bookmaker’s perspective. This insight helps in making more informed decisions, comparing different betting options, and optimizing betting strategies based on perceived value versus the bookmaker’s implied probability.
  3. Educational Tool: For those new to betting or finance, an odds conversion calculator serves as an educational tool, helping users learn the differences between odds formats and how they relate to probabilities. This knowledge is crucial for anyone looking to engage in activities where odds are a factor.
  4. Accuracy and Precision in Calculations: Manual conversion between different odds formats can be prone to errors, especially when dealing with complex fractions or high values. An odds conversion calculator ensures precise conversions, reducing the risk of mistakes in calculations.
  5. Efficiency: It saves time and effort, especially for users who deal with multiple odds formats regularly. Instead of manually converting odds or probabilities, users can quickly input their values into the calculator and get accurate conversions in their desired format.

How does the odds converter work?

Here’s a breakdown of the formulas the odds converter uses to convert between American odds, decimal odds, fractional odds, and implied probability:

1. American Odds to Other Formats

  • American to Decimal:
    • For positive American odds: Decimal = (American / 100) + 1
    • For negative American odds: Decimal = (100 / |American|) + 1
  • American to Fractional:
    • Convert American odds to decimal, then decimal to fractional.
  • American to Implied Probability:
    • For positive American odds: Probability = 100 / (American + 100)
    • For negative American odds: Probability = |American| / (|American| + 100)

2. Decimal Odds to Other Formats

  • Decimal to American:
    • If decimal odds > 2.00: American = (Decimal - 1) * 100
    • If decimal odds < 2.00: American = -100 / (Decimal - 1)
  • Decimal to Fractional:
    • Convert decimal odds to a fraction by subtracting 1 and finding the equivalent fraction.
  • Decimal to Implied Probability:
    • Probability = 1 / Decimal

3. Fractional Odds to Other Formats

  • Fractional to Decimal:
    • Decimal = (Numerator / Denominator) + 1
  • Fractional to American:
    • If resulting decimal > 2.00: Multiply fraction (as decimal) by 100.
    • If resulting decimal < 2.00: American = -100 / Fraction (as decimal)
  • Fractional to Implied Probability:
    • Probability = Denominator / (Numerator + Denominator)

4. Implied Probability to Other Formats

  • Probability to Decimal:
    • Decimal = 1 / Probability
  • Probability to American:
    • If probability >= 50%: American = -(Probability / (1 - Probability)) * 100
    • If probability < 50%: American = (1 - Probability) / Probability * 100
  • Probability to Fractional:
    • Convert probability to decimal odds, then convert that decimal to fractional.